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Elisabeth Krauel

Author of Forgive or Forget

Now available online and in bookshops



Forgive or Forget - a contemporary fiction YA crossover novel - is Elisabeth Krauel´s debut novel and was published July 2022.

Buy the book via The Brown Dog Bookshop:

Forgive or Forget - Elisabeth Krauel – or via Amazon. Also available through highstreet bookshops.













No one is waiting for 28-year-old Alice as she steps outside of prison after a decade behind bars. But even though the world is reluctant to welcome her back into society, Alice has one pressing goal: to find her sister, Beth.

The sisters had been so different, but so close - Beth always dazzling in the limelight, Alice loving and dependable in the background. But the cascade of events ten years before that culminated in the terrible crime, changed them both forever, and now, Beth is nowhere to be found.

The fast-paced, thought-provoking narrative weaves between the present and the past, revealing the truth behind the scandal and it's impact on Alice's future.

"Forgive or Forget" reached the Finalist stage of the Page Turner Young Writer Awards 2021.


"I absolutely loved this and it was a real page turner, I couldn't wait to get reading again it was so addicitve." 


"This book blew me away, I cannot belive it is a debut and I will be buying the author's subsequent books without even reading the blurb." 


"I loved Elisabeth's way of writing such brilliant characters. From the good to the pure evil, I was emotionally destroyed by the end. Just brilliant."


"Beautifully written and brilliantly delivered."



As a child, I was your typical bookworm. I would pack five or six books for a one-week holiday and still be out of reading material by the end of it. This love of books was further inspired by my grandfather, who owned a bookshop - Ducketts - in the Royal Opera Arcade near Trafalgar Square; and by my grandmother, who was a passionate collector of antiquarian children's books. 

Slowly, I started to transition from just reading to also writing. I loved the creative writing we did in English and German classes at school and I also wrote short stories and participated in poetry slams in my free time.

After finishing school, and completing a nursing internship at my local hospital, I worked as a carer and English teacher in a Bolivian orphanage for several months.

Now I am in my third year of medical school in Germany. When the pandemic hit, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and not much to do with it. This gave me the final push to start a project I had always wanted to tackle: writing my own book. I am now proud to present my first contemporary fiction novel "Forgive or Forget“.



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